Cinnamon Ridge produces beard balms under the trademark logo of American Kudzu. American Kudzu Beard Balms contain rich amounts of hemp oil and shea butter. Our balms are creamy and not packed full of waxes that make your beard feel as though it is heavy and oily. American Kudzu Balms leave your beard softer and the skin underneath nourished and moisturized. Like our soaps, we make our balms in small batches with 100% all natural ingredients.

For direct purchase of our balms, please visit In addition to our balms, American Kudzu offers a great selection of beard and body soap bars that coincide with the scents of many of the balms offered.

Currently we offer ten different beard balms for your choosing. All are unique in their scents, yet all the same in the benefits they provide to your beard and skin. Read through each description and decide which is to your liking or try all and make American Kudzu Beard Balms your choice .

Naturally Unscented – Our unscented balm is for the guy who wants to apply an excellent balm but perfect and choose his own scent. Rich, natural, and simple is the key here. Use it with our Naturally Unscented Beard and Body Bar. Great for the guy that does not want to clash scents from his favorite cologne.

Citrus Cedar – We have matched this balm to our citrus cedar beard and body soap bar. A warm citrus scent with hints of cedar and clove leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Pure Patchouli – This is one of our newest and most awesome balms. Bad to bone is an understatement with this scent. Your beard will be consumed with woody, sweet, and spicy all at the same time. Excellent earth tones come forward here from every tin of balm. One our our favorites in the AK line of balms.

Mountain Magic – This balm has the capability to take your beard from being a pioneer to the penthouse suite. Rich and powerful with hints of cedar, campfire, leather, and musk, you will find this balm is perfect for any occasion. Great as a combination with the Mountain Magic Beard and Body Bar.

Pipe Dreams – This balm is nostalgic and naughty at the same time. Hints of cherry, raspberry, and vanilla are all topped off with a tobacco finale’ that leave you ready to tackle any day or night. Rich in shea and hemp oil, this balm is rugged, rustic, and sexy all wrapped up in one place.

Charred Sandalwood – This is our executive balm. Rub this into you beard and feel it come alive with the scent of charred sandalwood and amber. This is the balm for summer days or cold winter nights. Works well as the fireside flannel balm or the night out in the tuxedo balm. Perfection in one place. Perfect as a combination to the Charred Sandalwood Beard and Body Bar.

Maple Madness – Find yourself with the richness of maple, vanilla, and tonka bean. A perfect scent for telling others why your beard matters. Blessed with hemp and shea, no turning back with this in your beard.

Bourbon Tobacco– Take two of our favorite ingredients, bourbon and tobacco and mix them into a beard balm and you have American Kudzu’s cowboy balm. This is macho and suave in one place – Your beard balm tin. Kick ass scent – No Doubts here. (Formerly labeled as Bourbon Toke)

Coconut Lime – Rich with the islands and a hint of lime, this is a perfect balm to take to the outdoors for a day in the sun or to the bar for evening cocktails. Regardless, a perfect scent for sun and seduction.

Spiced Chestnut – Warm, spicy, and rich. Flavors of fall for any season or setting. In our best American Kudzu – Simpy Awesome.

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