Rose Water Clay Bar

Our newest soap out of the molds – Rose Water Clay Bar. This bar was made from rose water from our own roses and natural clay that we processed and pulverized. We added a touch of activated charcoal for a distinctive set of lines through the bars and goat milk to the recipe. Each bar is topped with dried rose petals and cut in a wave pattern for more texture. This is a great bar for exfoliating and perfect for a beautiful display on the bath counter till ready to use.

This is a limited stock item and will be available for purchase in approximately six weeks. If interested in purchasing a bar to hold, contact us at Check out our other soaps and beard balms at

Great Beards Deserve A Great Balm

If you hate the greasy feeling that a beard oil leaves and despise the stiffness of an overly waxy balm, you will find the perfect combination with American Kudzu Beard Balms. Our balms are rich in hemp oil and natural butters that nourish your beard and skin. American Kudzu Balms are not overly priced like most beard balms on the market and are handmade in small batches locally by the Cinnamon Ridge Soap Company. Check out all our balms and soaps at

Shower Freely with the Bugle Call Bar

Wake up each day with the Bugle Call Bar.  Made with rich, dark, freshly ground coffee to give you that extra edge in the morning.  Each bar provides a rich lather and exfoliation for the skin.  We cut each bar by hand in honor of the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces who protect our Great Nation at home and abroad. Make your shower’s great again with a daily Bugle Call from Cinnamon Ridge Soap Company.

Made with all-natural ingredients. Made in the USA and Hometown Proud!

Baby Powder Castile Soap

Our newest soap in the rack is our Baby Powder Castile Soap. Made with 100% olive oil and scented with the freshness of baby powder. Gentle for the most sensitive of skins and perfect for your baby or child at bath time. Castile soaps are excellent for facial cleansing and help to restore natural beauty and provide exceptional softness and moisture to the skin.

Whether used for your baby or the shower, you will love the scent and the feel of its luxurious lather on your skin. We have carefully crafted these bars to be the perfect size. Find yours today at along with a host of other wonderful lathering options.

Tea Tree Oil Soap – Natural Antibacterial

A tea tree oil soap is nearly the perfect soap to put in your shower or on the edge of the sink these days. Tea tree oil comes from the Malaleuca alternifolia from Australia. Tea tree oil contains the properties of being an antiseptic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial product in nature. When added to all natural soaps, these properties continue to manifest themselves on the skin.

In addition to these benefits, tea tree soap is excellent for dandruff, acne, and helping to heal infections from cuts. Our tea tree oil soaps contain hemp oil, making them even better for the hair and skin. Try a bar of our tea tree soap from Cinnamon Ridge Soap Company. You will not be disappointed in the results.

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